GT Type A

Leachianus Gecko Adult
Rhacodactylus leachianus

ID: B6

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GT Type A

Leachianus Gecko Adult
Rhacodactylus leachianus


Birth: 2017
Weight: 288g
Proven: Yes
Diet: Meal Replacement

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Shipping: 60.00-90.00 (Domestic)
Offers: Firm Price
Trades: No Trades

Animal ID: B6
First Posted: 01/19/23
Last Renewed: 03/09/23
Last Updated: 03/19/23

Atlanta, Georgia
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We recommend sending a message with Inquire to Buy, but if you contact the seller in another way refer to this item as MorphMarket ID #1408431.

Store Policy


You must be 18 years old or older to purchase a gecko.

I accept cash in person, Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal FF.

Payment plans:
Payment plans are not currently offered. If you need a way to buy a gecko, then I highly suggest you look into PayPal’s line of credit. It’s quick. Gecko/reptile will ship only when it has been paid for in full and the shipping conditions are good.

Color: I try to supply as many pictures as possible to give the interested party an accurate picture of the color of the gecko/reptile I feel that videos often capture true gecko color better than the camera. I can also send videos of the gecko/reptile to any interested party to help them see the true color and personality of the gecko/reptile.

DeltaCargo is an option as long as the buyer is willing to pick up from a facility that Delta flies into. Price is $80 plus $25 transport/handling/paperwork fee to the airport. DeltaCargo a gecko will typically arrive the same day it has left the seller. Also, flights are typically offered on the weekends.

Any shipping will happen Monday through Wednesday between 40 degrees as the overnight low and 85 degrees as the daytime high. Live arrival guarantee as long as the gecko is not delayed. If you would like to purchase insurance in case a gecko is delayed, that is an additional $2.50/$100 of insurance coverage. This insurance is only valid if the package is delayed by fedex. Please read coverage limitations here: New owner must contact me within 30 minutes of the gecko being delivered to inform me as to the condition of the gecko. If I am not contacted within 30 minutes of the gecko being delivered, then the live arrival guarantee will no longer be valid. If the gecko dies in transit you must show me a picture of the box and a video of the gecko within the 30 minutes of it arriving. Please contact me even if the gecko arrived perfectly fine I would still like to know.

There will be no refund if a gecko drops it's tail during shipping. While it has never happened to any of the geckos that I have shipped, it is possible. It is a living creature that can get scared and drop it’s tail at any point during it’s life.

The cost of shipping is non-refundable.

After the gecko or other reptile arrives and is in your possession, I can no longer control the conditions of it's environment or how it is care for in it's new home. Therefore, I only offer a live arrival guarantee.

All sales are final after you have received the gecko.

Breeding: I do not guarantee that a male or female together will always produce fertile eggs. Leachies can be hard to breed and might not like the partner that they are with. Also with females there is no guarantee about their ability to lay eggs. I’m not a vet and can not determine if a female will stop laying eggs or not.

If you purchase or trade for one of my geckos or other reptiles in person, then all sales/trades are final. No health guarantee on any geckos or other reptiles picked up in person since you were able to pick out and inspect the overall apparent health of the gecko.

Once you take your new gecko/reptile home it is your responsibility as a new owner to keep track of the gecko/reptile's health and to adequately meet it's needs. I suggest doing your research before you purchase an animal. I'm also always here to answer any questions that you might have about their care. I also suggest weighing the gecko the night you get it home and then again every 3 days for the first couple months. This will help monitor to see if the gecko is eating. Just because there is food in the cage does not mean that the gecko will eat. The transition to a new living environment can be very stressful on the gecko/reptile and if you are not meeting it's needs, then it will not feel comfortable enough to eat.

International Purchases and Shipments:

International Purchases: International buyers are bound to the same purchase terms listed above with exception of the Refund Policy. Since international shipments require extended delivery time and may make many stops before arriving at the buyer, I do not accept any refunds on international sales.

International Shipping: I will export animals from the United States to other countries under the following conditions:

I will ship to the US-based export entity of a buyer's choice, but is the buyer's responsibility to select and confirm an export service, manage the necessary export paperwork, and facilitate logistics.

Once the animal is received by the buyer's US-based chosen export-import entity, my live arrival guarantee and health guarantee expire.
I assume no liability for the export-import entity's care of the animal after it has been received on their behalf. Arrangements for transportation, receipt and any live arrival guarantee must be made between the buyer and export-import entity.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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About Kawaii Reptiles

I have been working with and breeding crested, gargoyles, chahoua, and leachianus geckos since 2012.

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