Lavender Blood Bell Albino

Leopard Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Eublepharis macularius

ID: LBBM072522

Beautiful orange and lavender coloration. Possible het Eclipse. Great for any Bell, Bold, Lavender or Red Stripe project. ... View more

Lavender Blood Bell Albino

Leopard Gecko Baby/Juvenile
Eublepharis macularius


Birth: 25th July 2022
Weight: 25g
Proven: No
Diet: Live Mealworm

Shipping: 25.00-75.00 (Domestic)
Trades: No Trades

Animal ID: LBBM072522
First Posted: 11/25/22
Last Renewed: 12/31/22
Last Updated: 12/31/22

Store Policy

When you acquire a gecko from Bold and Striped Geckos, you are agreeing to our rehoming/adoption terms which include but are not limited to:

-All geckos are 100% healthy and eating when shipped/rehomed.
-Our geckos are accurately represented in their photos, often even better in person.
-All pertinent information on the gecko is disclosed at the time of shipment/rehoming.

No Guarantee:
-We cannot guarantee the temperament or personality of geckos especially as some geckos tend to become very scared when shipped.
-We cannot guarantee the adult coloration/pattern of juvenile geckos.
-We cannot guarantee fertility of geckos, other than disclosed proven breeders.
-Juvenile geckos are temperature-sexed and therefore their sex cannot be guaranteed.

-You are also stating that you are 18 years of age or older and can thus make the purchase.
-You must be available in person to receive delivery on the pre-arranged place, time, and date.
-We cannot be held responsible for unforeseen changes in forecast once shipped.
-We cannot be held responsible for carrier related issues.
-Contact Bold and Striped Geckos within 24 hours with any concerns to be eligible for any refund.
-Live arrival guarantee with on-time deliveries and pick-ups is subject to the terms of the shipper. We usually use Reptiles2You or Ship Your Reptiles.
-You are responsible for any health outcomes and needs of the gecko(s) after 24 hours after arrival since we cannot guarantee their new care. This includes adoption cases as well.

We ask that you never cross different albino strains with each other and that you are careful with what you pair our geckos too. We have worked hard here at Bold And Striped Geckos to keep detailed records and clean bloodlines. Please acquire from reputable breeders if pairing our geckos and gather as much information as you can about the genetics/hets of other geckos. Our goal is to maintain the integrity and legacy of so many beautiful bloodlines. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about future pairings that relate to geckos that you acquire from us.

** Please inquire about full terms which include shipping information **
** Shipping is currently only available within the United States **

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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About Bold And Striped Geckos

Specializing in beautiful and healthy leopard geckos that are bold in every sense of the word. Having worked with Eublepharis macularius since 2008, Bold and Striped Geckos has built strong and beautiful bloodlines. Some of the morphs we work with include but are not limited to:

- Bold Stripes
- Bell Albinos (W&Y Included)
- White Knights
- Diablo Blancos
- Tangerine Trempers (W&Y Included)
- Tangerines (of various types)
- Emerines
- Clowns
- Mack Snows
- Gem Snows
- Wildcaught Bloodlines

Our goal is to always create living art through humane and sustainable practices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

PS. Feel free to check out our page on Instagram. It’s @bold_and_striped

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