Red Diamond X Blood Tremper

Leopard Gecko Adult
Eublepharis macularius

ID: Hera

Proven female. Great temperament. She is ready to breed but would also make a great pet. Great color!

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Red Diamond X Blood Tremper

Leopard Gecko Adult
Eublepharis macularius


Birth: 28th April 2021
Proven: Yes
Diet: Live Mealworm

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Shipping: 50.00-80.00 (Domestic)
Offers: Will Consider
Trades: No Trades

Animal ID: Hera
First Posted: 12/28/22
Last Renewed: 01/27/23
Last Updated: 01/27/23

Store Policy

Kawaii Geckos Terms of Service Guarantees: ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL. I will try to work with you as best I can but please contact me. * WE ONLY OFFER HUB PICK UP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*

All geckos are guaranteed to be healthy and alive upon arrival. You must get your gecko within 30 minutes of arrival at the delivery location. If your gecko is left alone for longer than 30 minutes, the guarantee is void. Once you bring in your new gecko we recommend you let it adjust to room temperature for about 30 minutes before exposing it directly to heat. Please give your gecko at least one week to adjust to its new enclosure before handling. We guarantee our geckos health for 48 hours after he/she arrive. The guarantee becomes void however after review if, the gecko is not kept in proper husbandry. In the event of Death on Arrival, client must provide photos/video proof of deceased animal within 1 hour of arrival. Full refund, excluding shipping costs, or exchangement of gecko will be issued once verified.

Shipping/Payment: *All Payments are final.* By submitting payment you are in agreement of all our terms and policies. All payments must be made via PayPal or Zelle. Unless otherwise specified. At expos cash/card/paypal are all options.

Shipping ONLY 3 Days per week, Monday-Wednesday. Geckos will ONLY be shipped when weather permits, I will hold your gecko as long as is needed. Geckos will NOT ship under 15 grams of weight. I only ship overnight priority, costs typically range from 30-70, however larger orders can cost more I can give you a quote per request. Local Pickup is also available! I am located in SOUTHEAST TEXAS.

Holds/Payment Plans: Payment plans are available for geckos over $100 not including shipping. I require a 25% Non-Refundable deposit to put your gecko on hold. I typically allow a 30 day payment period after your gecko is placed on hold, although I can try to work with anyone's situation just let me know and keep me updated.

Sexing/Hets: Temperature sexed geckos are not guaranteed. Only geckos that are listed as male and female are guaranteed, in the case of mis-identification store credit can be offered. Hets are not guaranteed unless listed as 100% het. Possible Het animals are not guaranteed to be carrying recessive trait.

Discounts: I can offer discounts on geckos that are picked up at specified location, as well as discounts when you order multiple geckos.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you for looking at our page! I take pride in selecting geckos only the highest quality animals to breed and I love them all. They are amazing pets and have their own personalities very interactive reptile. I take the time to handle babies as much as I can to help make their transition to their new homes smooth. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. -Tanya

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About Kawaii Geckos

Southeast Texas based local breeder, of quality leopard geckos. Home raised geckos small breeder producing healthy and beautiful morphs, shipping available to the United States. Any questions feel free to message!

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