Ivory Northern Blue-Tongued Skink (#Ivory)

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Description. Are you ready to be ahead in a new project? This brand new, proven recessive, ivory northern blue tongue skink is perfect for any breeder looking to expand their collection. They are born with variable pink and yellow patterns and white out as they age. The potential is endless. You may find it for $6995.99 directly on our website. Contact us for details about free shipping on this item!
Northern Blue-Tongued Skink Baby/Juvenile
Tiliqua scincoides intermedia
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At Most 60.00 (Domestic)
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Simply put; this is a family effort. We at Modern Reptile have put our efforts towards breeding quality reptiles. We work with multiple high end Ball Python mutations, different lines of Blue Tongued Skinks, and a curated selection of turtles and tortoises. Of course, more species are to come!
​Our passion and dedication towards reptiles grows rapidly as every breeding season passes. As wells as our excitement for reaching new customers and lovers of this hobby. Mixing incomparable customer services with a strong drive for this industry, Modern Reptile looks forward to many more years of producing out of this world reptiles!