Half Specialty Morph (ID: FB06) - DEPOSIT Northern Blue-Tongued Skink (#FB06)

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Half Specialty Morph (ID: FB06) - DEPOSIT Northern Blue-Tongued Skink
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Description. Status: FOR SALE
ID: FB06
Species: Northern Blue Tongue Skink (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia)
Genetics: 50% Magma 50% Classic of a High Orange visual representation
Gender: N/A
Born: 05/24/2022

Other Descriptions

- Everyone in the litter is either deep red or orange
- Everybody is handleable
- Everyone is healthy
- They all shine brightest in the sun

- Little speedy to pick up but submissive and easy to handle once holding it
- Strong, deep, rich red color
- Vibrant white speckeling stands out
- Good color in the spine bars

Parents are Magmar and Carl that can be viewed on the main website, davesskinks

This is for a deposit to reserve this skink while we make final payment and pickup or shipping arrangements. End of the season so I am ready to cut a deal before the end of the month.
Half Specialty Morph (ID: FB06) - DEPOSIT
Northern Blue-Tongued Skink Baby/Juvenile
Tiliqua scincoides intermedia
Normal Magma Red
24th May 2022
Pre-Killed Vegetables

Chicago, Illinois United States of America flag

24.00-95.00 (Domestic)
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