Blue-eyed Leucistic 50% PH Clown Ball Python

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Description. Snow White, super butter girl
Blue-eyed Leucistic 50% PH Clown
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Super Butter 50% Het Clown




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I cannot guarantee live arrival on door to door shipments during extreme temperatures under 40 or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the weather reaches these extremes, I typically work with my customer to wait for a better window to ship. My goal is to ensure I have satisfied customers and protect the animals in the process.

FEEDING ISSUES - All of our animals are guaranteed to be feeding at the time they are shipped. Newly acquired snakes normally begin feeding within the first week or two. However, the stress from shipping and being placed in an unfamiliar environment can sometimes make the snake go into a non-feeding mode. This is nothing to panic about, as long as there are no other health issues with the snake. We want you to have success with any animals you purchase from us and will be happy to assist in determining why a particular snake may not be feeding. Usually, after a few minor adjustments to the snake’s environment, temperatures, humidity, etc. is all that’s required. Ball Pythons are incredibly hardy and resilient.

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