Pastel OD Lesser Cinnamon Leopard Possible Yellow Belly Het Pied Het Clown Ball Python

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Description. This girl is an absolute POWERHOUSE - Clown Pieds are crazy popular and this girl has more genes than we can count!! She is most likely YB as well!
Pastel OD Lesser Cinnamon Leopard Possible Yellow Belly Het Pied Het Clown
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Cinnamon Lesser Orange Dream Pastel Yellow Belly Leopard 100% Het Clown 100% Het Piebald
July 2022
Live Rat




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About Blue Line Morphs. Blue Line Morphs is owned and operated by Devin Baker and was formed in the summer of 2019. Blue Line Morphs focuses on Clown, Pie Bald, Coral Glow and Puzzle combos, and their sole goal is to provide unique and high quality animals for their customers and this great hobby.

Devin’s love affair with reptiles started as a child, when he would collect and keep various species of turtles, frogs, lizards and newts from local rivers and wooded areas. He spent weeks down in South Carolina every summer where he would create living terrariums with the wild life there. Later in life he purchased his first snake, which was as a normal Ball Python and since that time he has had various Ball Pythons throughout his life.

Flash forward to 2019, and his passion was sparked once again when he purchased his first house. One day on vacation he decided to go to the local reptile store and maybe pick up a new pet. While there he gravitated to the Ball Pythons and asked to see a normal juvenile, which almost immediately bit him! Shortly there after he purchased a hatching normal. After getting his new pet home, he began to do more research on Ball Pythons and stumbled across Morph Market and all the different morphs these amazing animals come in.

One night in a bar with a few friends, he joked about breeding Ball Pythons - and soon that joke wasn’t a joke. Devin began buying everything he could get his hands on and his collection grew and grew. Later he decided to narrow his focus and now works with certain morphs but loves all Ball Pythons. Since then he has made strides to complete a reptile room, with the highest of quality equipment and has begun to alter his projects towards unique and high end animals.

“I’m in this for the long haul, I love these animals and I’m amazed at the different combos these morphs can make. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me, and I plan on enjoying it every step of the way! The possibilities are endless and I plan on pushing it as far as I can!”
-Devin Baker