Banana Spinnerblast

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius

ID: 2022-01-06

Banana spinnerblast produced from a Banana Pastel Spider x Leopard Pinstripe pairing. Eats frozen-thawed rats. We test our collection for nidovirus and guarantee nido-free animals! This animal has *NO WOBBLE* and comes from a line of spider that is thus far wobble-free in our collection (siblings already sold off MM but photos available upon request) ... View more

Banana Spinnerblast

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius


Birth: 17th March 2022
Weight: 359g
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Rat

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Shipping: 50.00-100.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: 2022-01-06
Group ID: 2022-01
First Posted: 08/14/22
Last Renewed: 03/01/23
Last Updated: 03/01/23

Sierra Madre, California
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Ball Python Clutch: 2022-01

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About Renfro Reptiles

We are a mother-son team located in Southern California, specializing in home-raised quality ball pythons. The health and care of our animals is our top priority, and we spare no expense when it comes to husbandry, feeding, hygiene, veterinary care when needed, and general attentiveness to the needs of each animal. The "mother" in our partnership is a PhD-level researcher working in healthcare, and she applies that skillset to keep up with best practices. All animals are kept in our home (in top-of-the-line ARS racks with coconut husk or maple/aspen substrate) and have been established on frozen-thawed prey items except where indicated (many of our hatchlings take frozen-thawed prey as their first meal). We do not sell or ship animals until strong feeding habits are well established. We test all adults in our collection for nidovirus and are proud to say we are a nido-free breeding facility. We take pride in our small, locally-licensed family business and treat our snakes as family members and pets of our own. After the point of sale, we will remain available to you for help or education. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! Proud members of #USARK

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