Disco/Fire, Enchi, 100% Het Hypo, 100% Het Desert Ghost

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius

ID: M001-22-02

This girl was produced by a 1.0 Pastel, Enchi, Hypo, Desert Ghost x 0.1 Disco Inferno (DIsco, Fire). ... View more

Disco/Fire, Enchi, 100% Het Hypo, 100% Het Desert Ghost

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius


Birth: 5th July 2022
Weight: 189g
Diet: Live Rat

Shipping: 75.00-100.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: M001-22-02
First Posted: 09/05/22
Last Renewed: 03/23/23
Last Updated: 03/23/23

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2. Deposits: A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to start the payment plan, and one minimum monthly payment must be made. Communication is key to the success of a plan. If failed to communicate after plan agreement and payment is past due, the agreement will be terminated. The 20% deposit will not be refunded; however, any additional payments after the deposit will be refunded. If SSV Reptiles backs out of a deal that a buyer has paid money into, SSV Reptiles will provide a full refund, including and portion labeled as non-refundable. SSV Reptiles will provide a full refund to the seller if 14 days or more pass without a response to a buyer that has provided money and not yet received the animal.
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4. Exact Animal: SSV Reptiles guarantees that the animal being delivered is exactly the one represented in the ad, unless otherwise stipulated in the ad with the use of an official Representative Photo. Seller guarantees that the animal shipped will not be LESS than 20% margin of error in weight if the weight is advertised or updated weight is provided prior to the sale.
5. Shipping: Local pickups are encouraged. Shipping, if necessary, is an additional cost unless otherwise stated and will be based upon your ZIP Code and shipping insurance through FedEx, which is $2 per $100. Shipping is conducted through Ship Your Reptiles (Overnight FedEx). Our shipping days will usually be Tuesday and Wednesday. We will only ship when the weather is safe for the animals, and we prefer Hub to Hub. Animals being shipped must be delivered on the first attempt for a live arrival guarantee. Any issue with the animal needs to be addressed within the first 2 hours of FedEx arrival or pickup from a HUB, and pictures will be needed; an unboxing video is best. SSV Reptiles guarantees the animal was shipped out in a healthy state and shipped according to all FedEx rules and regulations. Buyer is responsible for animal injury or loss if buyer fails to obtain animal immediately after home delivery or pickup within 4 hours of hub delivery.
6. Temperament: SSV Reptiles is not responsible for animal temperament.
7. Genetics: Because of the increased complexity in ball python breeding and given the number of dominant and co-dominant genes we work with, we cannot 100% guarantee the genetics on our animals. When we have animals in question, we solicit input from other breeders to help identify them and provide our best estimate of what genes are in the animal. Some genes may be hidden or reflect differently in various combinations that we cannot be 100% certain of. However, we always provide our best estimate and never intentionally sell something wrong. We do 100% guarantee Hets that are sold as such.
8. Our hatchlings are usually started on LIVE rat fuzzies and will transition to LIVE rat pups around 150 grams. If you prefer frozen rats or another type of prey, please reach out. Furthermore, don't hesitate to contact us if you would like updated weights or additional pictures; however, please be aware that we have regular jobs and that it may take a day or two before we can provide them. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Sailor Soldier Viking (SSV) Reptiles was created by four couples who share a passion for keeping and breeding quality ball pythons. SSV Reptiles works with a wide range of ball python genetics as we pursue projects to refine our own collections.

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