VPI Pastel Axanthic

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius

ID: kb2022-6-5

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VPI Pastel Axanthic

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius


Origin: Domestically Produced
Birth: 23rd July 2022
Weight: 118g
Diet: Live Rat

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Animal ID: kb2022-6-5
Group ID: 2022-6
First Posted: 09/07/22
Last Updated: 09/14/22

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Ball Python Clutch: 2022-6

2 Offspring

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About Kandi's Balls

Growing up in the Willamette Valley I was always catching and playing with a variety of creatures. I have always had a love for snakes and a yearning to be close to them. I never had a pet snake until a couple years ago when my husband got me a couple of morphs. We have developed a desire to work with them and share our love for them with others. We became quite familiar with morph market, and WOW. The colors and designs are simply amazing. Our excitement and anticipation of the color possibilities drive us to learn more every day.

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