Enchi Boy

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius

ID: P111122A

Handsome boy! Mom is Calico Fire and Dad is Enchi Orange Dream. Eats f/t mouse weekly. ... Read more

Enchi Boy

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius


Traits: Enchi
Birth: 9th August 2022
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Mouse

Shipping: Please Inquire

Animal ID: P111122A
First Posted: 11/30/22
Last Updated: 12/07/22

North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
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Handsome boy! Mom is Calico Fire and Dad is Enchi Orange Dream. Eats f/t mouse weekly.

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We are a small breeder of high quality Ball Pythons and Boa Constrictors located about 20 miles east of Pittsburgh PA. We love our America and appreciate our customers! Discounts available to Military and Law Enforcement on most animals. Please contact us with interests and questions.

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