PARADOX Pastel GHI Coral Glow Pos DH Hypo Pied

Ball Python Adult
Python regius

ID: MBP_Paradox

It’s been awesome watching this guy grow up, but he honestly doesn’t fit into any projects I have. Here’s your chance to grab a truly one of a kind animal! ... View more

PARADOX Pastel GHI Coral Glow Pos DH Hypo Pied

Ball Python Adult
Python regius


Birth: 2020
Proven: No
Diet: Live Rat

Shipping: 65.00-85.00 (Domestic)

Animal ID: MBP_Paradox
First Posted: 01/17/23
Last Renewed: 03/31/23
Last Updated: 03/31/23

Statesville, North Carolina
Regional Shipping
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