Super OD Blade Clown

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius

ID: NR2205m1

The best and brightest Super of the clutch! This was almost a decade-long project using select quality lines. Make him yours. ... View more

Super OD Blade Clown

Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius


Birth: 30th September 2022
Weight: 150g
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Rat

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Shipping: 80.00 (Domestic)
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Animal ID: NR2205m1
Group ID: NR22-05
First Posted: 01/29/23
Last Renewed: 03/19/23
Last Updated: 03/19/23

Hudson, Florida
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Ball Python Clutch: NR22-05

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About Northern Regius Reptiles LLC

In addition to keeping, photographing & selling reptiles; I produced the 1st clutch of Stranger gene BPs in the US! I've been involved with various reptile species since childhood. I began specializing in Pythons in 2000 & have been mentored by some of the greats from the forums days of the internet. I've attended shows to meet with many of the keepers I'd met on-line and I believe there are more good people in our community than bad. (BUT ALWAYS check BOIs before you buy.) I keep a CLOSED collection of reptiles and they do NOT go to shows. I feel this is the best way to ensure my animals stay healthy and safe. We are entering into an era that is all about the smaller scale keepers. like myself. I was mentored by larger-scale keepers & know from the challenges they deal with daily, I wish to do differently.

I strive to stay small- it's where the joy of keeping resides! The quality over quantity focus means slower speed & a hands on approach. A buyer can ask me about personalities on any animal here & I can tell them. I pride myself on support after any of my babies goes to a new home. They are living art and even stripping away their "paint job" they are a gentile, excellent species to keep and have as pets. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the animals listed here.

I believe in giving back! 10% of sales here go to USARK FL (which does NOT currently share badges here), the The Wolf Conservation Center, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium & St. Jude's. If you are Military or a first Responder; I wish to show my appreciation by offering you FREE shipping, be sure to let me know & thanks for your Service!!

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