Produced from breeding a Rainbow enchi pastel disco het ghost male to an enchi leopard double het ghost rainbow female. Feeding on live rat fuzzys. ... View more


    Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
    Python regius


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    ID: CL7.22RAF1


    Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
    Python regius


    Produced from breeding a Rainbow enchi pastel disco het ghost male to an enchi leopard double het ghost rainbow female. Feeding on live rat fuzzys.
    Traits: Rainbow
    Birth: 29th June 2022
    Weight: 287g
    Proven: No
    Diet: Live Rat

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    Animal ID: CL7.22RAF1
    Group ID: CL7.22
    First Posted: 05/10/23
    Last Updated: 05/10/23

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    Ball Python Clutch: CL7.22


    4 Offspring

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    *Genetics* All heterozygous animals are guaranteed. I do my best to accurately identify multiple co-dom animals, but can not guarantee it. When dealing with multiple co-dom combinations, it can be very difficult to identify exactly what genes are present. Especially when they are new combinations that we have not seen before.

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