OD Pastel Spider Het Clown Ball Python (#20-21-2)

OD Pastel Spider Het Clown Ball Python
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Description. This boy is also pos Enchi!
OD Pastel Spider Het Clown
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Orange Dream Spider 100% Het Clown Pastel

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About Reptile Genetic Services, LLC. I have been keeping ball pythons since 1999, and produced my first clutch of ball pythons in 2003. Since hatching out my first clutch of ball pythons, I have worked professionally in vertebrate reproduction and genetics. My dissertation project, as a graduate student, was on Ball Python reproduction and I analyzed records from about 10,000 ball python eggs! I have also taught introductory genetics to hundreds of college students over the last 10 years.

My main goals now are to:
1) Produce high quality, cutting edge, ball python morph combos
2) Provide fun and exciting educational opportunities for people to learn about reptile morph genetics
3) Promote the animals and work others do in this industry so that we get more people active in herpetoculture