Bumble Bee Lucifer Fader Yellowbelly

Ball Python Subadult
Python regius

ID: 19BAPY00207

This is a really incredible male produced here at NERD in our 2019 season. When the lucifer gene and Fader gene come together, it really does some amazing things. And layered on top of the bumble bee yellowbelly, you can see this is an incredible snake! He could make an incredible future breeder or pet animal for someone looking for a really unique and beautiful snake. He is a bit shy when being handled, but he should mellow down with regular handling. This male is currently eating frozen/thawed fuzzy rats every 7-10 days. ... View more

Bumble Bee Lucifer Fader Yellowbelly

Ball Python Subadult
Python regius


Birth: 2019

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Animal ID: 19BAPY00207
First Posted: 10/23/21
Last Renewed: 03/05/23
Last Updated: 03/15/23

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