Super-Stripe POS High-Intensity Orange Dream - 1st Clutch Of 2021 Ball Python (#21-07-01-06-Ma)

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Description. About Snake: Beautiful yellow stripe down the centerline
Parents: High-Intensity Orange Dream | Freeway Male x Female Super Stripe
Snake Diet: LIVE - Baby Rat Pups
Shipping Cost: $65.00+/- Approximate Cost (Animal Weight Dependent)
Super-Stripe POS High-Intensity Orange Dream - 1st Clutch Of 2021
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Yellow Belly Specter Orange Dream
June 2021
Live Rat




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Raymundo Family Reptiles will make every effort to ensure that your transaction with us is a positive one. All emails and phone calls will be answered in a timely manner and each of our customers will be treated with respect and dignity. All of our animals are guaranteed to be one hundred (100%) percent healthy and clean of both mites and ticks at the time of delivery. Please be sure to confirm the sex of the animal that you are buying, both at the time of purchase as well as when it is received. Raymundo Family Reptiles will make every effort to properly sex the animal sold. If for any reason the Buyer is not happy with the animal purchased, they must notify us. We require that the Buyer notify Raymundo Family Reptiles within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the animal to request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number along with a refund. The customer is responsible for the arrangement and all preparations for the animal, along with all return shipping costs. In order for Raymundo Family Reptiles to issue a refund; the animal must be one hundred (100%) percent healthy, and returned using the earliest possible shipping date. To protect the other animals at our facility. All animals returned by the buyer will be placed in quarantine at the sole discretion of Raymundo Family Reptiles. The quarantine will be for a minimum of fourteen (14) days to verify the health of the animal (i.e. mite lifecycle) before processing the refund.
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Raymundo Family Reptiles immediately photographs and assigns each and every heterozygous (het) gene carrier produced here a unique ID code. Each customer will receive with their invoice; an animal-certified document, detailing the heterozygous genetics (two different allelic genes) of the animal, a copy of the uniquely assigned identification number, and a photo of the animal purchased. Our genetics are guaranteed for each animal. All animals will have their photo and ID Numbers placed in our photo archives, for verification purposes. In case one of our buyers (well-known breeder or not) wishes to sell an animal produced by us, we will verify the genetics of that animal so that it will retain its value; for the life of the animal.
When hatching multi-gene animals often times breeders will identify the combination of genes by making an educated guess based on past experience. In these cases, genetics can only be verified through actual breeding trials. All customers should understand the risk associated with purchasing an animal with a theoretical or presumptive ID. Sometimes the animal you end up with may prove out to have a different genetic makeup than anticipated. This could turn out to be beneficial if the customer ends up with a new or an extra gene. Be sure to understand the difference between definitive and theoretical labels on animals you purchase from Raymundo Family Reptiles or elsewhere. Ask about the parental stock that produced the offspring and consider the outcome carefully. The only guarantee that anyone can make regarding Theoretical IDs is mistakes will happen, presumptions will on occasion prove false.
Raymundo Family Reptiles can only guarantee that multi-gene animals with a “Theoretical ID” will be identified to the best of our ability and we will NEVER intentionally mislead or deceive a customer regarding the genetic makeup of an animal.
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When receiving an animal shipment through FedEx:
The customer must pick up the animal shipment at their closest FedEx customer center. This is the safest method of shipment since it avoids the delivery truck where most delivery mishaps occur.
Shipping is approximately $65 per shipment during most of the year. Shipping in conditions where temps are below freezing is $85 per shipment. Shipping prices may vary in accordance with the size and weight of the animal and on multiple animal purchases.
Customers will be provided a tracking number and should pick up the animal promptly after it arrives at the customer center and becomes available for pick up. We will not be responsible for animals not picked up by the customer in a timely manner.
A photo ID is required at the time of pick up.
Animals are shipped by FedEx Monday through Wednesday only.

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About Raymundo Family Reptiles. We are a small, family-oriented and owned, commercial business that is building a foundation in strong family values and principles. We specialize in the captive breeding, husbandry, and education of ball pythons and other similar constrictor-type snakes. All of our animals originate from only the highest quality of professional breeders around the United States. We also breed various forms of Heloderma (Beaded Lizards). A species, when looked up on Google is part of the Toxicoferid Lizards and contains five different species, all of which are venomous and originate typically in Central America and Mexico.
It brings us great pleasure and satisfaction teaching our children about these wonderful reptiles, by showing them the correct techniques, required in the care of these creatures.
After years of showing detailed, intricacies of this wonderfully and pleasing craft to both our friends and family alike, we have decided to open this business. To grow further we will provide superior service and animals to our clients at reasonable prices.
You can find information and pictures on our upcoming projects by finding us on Instagram and Facebook. We have also decided to hold both live and pre-recorded: informative, educational videos on YouTube, where we feel; that these videos will benefit both the professional connoisseur and the beginning hobbyist alike.
We look forward to working with our customers by providing a tailored experience with their purchases. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about an animal you have purchased either through an email or if you would rather talk with us, please call.