2610g Ball Python (#BPF13-8)

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2610g Ball Python
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Description. This captive bred female is 2610g and ready to breed.
Ball Python Adult
Python regius
Domestically Produced
Frozen/Thawed Rat




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We accept payment via Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, or cash if you are picking up your animal locally (Chicago area). We do not hold animals without a non-refundable deposit.

We ship anywhere in the lower 48 and Alaska, at the buyer's expense. We use FedEx priority overnight via SYR for all reptiles we ship. Invertebrates may be shipped overnight or 2-day but do not receive a guarantee when shipped 2-day. Heat packs or cool packs will be used when appropriate. There is no additional charge for heat packs or any other shipping materials. We do not ship below 40 degrees or above 90 for reptiles, or below 35 degrees or above 85 degrees for invertebrates. If you purchase an animal during a time of year in which we cannot ship, we will house the animal free of charge until shipping is available.

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We will consider trade offers. However, we only work with specific animals and will not entertain trades outside of that. Please do not message us offering to trade for something that isn't on the list. Here is the list:

Boa constrictor:

high-color Parson Laddertail (female)
Bolivian (adult female)
Anery Longicauda (2019 or older, female or pair)
T+ Sunglow Inca Nicaraguan (female)

Rosy Boas:

Hypo San Matias (1-2 females)
pair or trios of other localities

Kenyan Sand Boas:

extreme high-expression Anery HRP
Blonde Albino
Ghost or Ghost Stripe
Double Albino AKA Neon, JPB project animals
Paradox Albino Paint or Splash project animals
Picasso project animals
high-expression Snow Splash or Albino Splash het Anery (male)
high-expression Anery Splatter (pair)
Other Sand Boas:

Sunset Indian (female, must have parent pics if not adult)
Javelin (pair only)


pair or trio of Anthill Pythons

If it isn't on the list, we don't want it. We also don't want it if it isn't feeding consistently on appropriately sized prey, has any kind of birth defect, has special needs, or is for any reason unsuitable for breeding.

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About West Ridge Reptiles. West Ridge Reptiles is co-owned by Elena Moss and Kayla Cornblath. We are private breeders of high quality captive bred reptiles and invertebrates, produced in our homes. At this time, we specialize in locality boa constrictors, locality rosy boas, Kenyan sand boas (locality and morph), three-toed box turtles and isopods. We do, however, have several other projects on the horizon: Madagascar Ground Boas, dwarf Dumeril's boas, other sand boa species, Calabaria, and millipedes. Every animal we produce receives individualized care to ensure the best health. We are committed to our customers' success with the animals they purchase from us, and as such, we are available for support at any point in the animal's life, even if years have gone by. Every animal we list as a locality animal is completely pure and of a specific lineage. We take localities very seriously.