1.0 Enchi Orange Dream GeneX 100% Het Piebald Ball Python (#1.0-2109-Enchi…)

1.0 Enchi Orange Dream GeneX 100% Het Piebald Ball Python
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Description. Pairing was an OD GeneX Piebald x Enchi. This male is OD Enchi GeneX het/pied
1.0 Enchi Orange Dream GeneX 100% Het Piebald
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Orange Dream Enchi GeneX 100% Het Piebald
12th July 2021
Live Soft-Furred Rat




Rockledge, Florida United States of America flag

50.00-75.00 (Domestic)
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Will Consider
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About Classy & Sassy Exotics. I joined this hobby in 2021 and was fortunate enough to have 10 clutches in my first season during that year, and hope to have about 20 this season (2022). I produced some really cool hatchlings, including 8 clowns and 4 pieds, and will be releasing some from each clutch, but I’m also holding back many to build my collection. My best clown this season is a GHI RS female and of course she’ll be a major player in my breeding lineup going forward. I also made double recessive hets in ghost/clown, clown/pied and ultramel/clown. For the 2022 season I should hit several clowns, and even ghost/clown visuals, and possibly NR Mandarin clowns but at the very least some amazing Mandy hets. Also, some great freeways, highways and more double hets in each project, and adding lavender albino/clown double hets as a project. My 2023 season will be all about incorporating Desert Ghost.

I purchased nearly all of my collection through Morph Market and have the highest level rating (level 5) as a buyer. I enjoyed working with several sellers with the exception of one, Anthony Gargala of Klutch Masters, that never followed through with two animals that I paid in full. Morph Market tried to assist me to no avail, but the lesson learned is “don’t use FF on PayPal”.

I feed my hatchlings mostly ASF rats, but I also raise rats, so I’m happy to insure that any snake I sell has transitioned to whatever the buyer desires.

Classy & Sassy Exotics, the name, was born out the name I developed for my Classy & Sassy Boudoir Photography. I’m combining both of my interests of keeping and breeding exotic ball pythons with the photography of glamorous exotic ladies. I mostly work with models but thoroughly enjoy working with clients to capture the looks they desire.

So now I’m a snake rancher and rodent farmer. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.