Raven Pos OD Ball Python (#QxM-E7-1.0-5.1…)

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Raven Pos OD Ball Python
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Description. This guy is over 200 grams and ready to go to his new home. Eats every five days until he's 300 grams. Shipping will be done starting in early 2022 with warmer weather. Local pickup or delivery is available.

25% Non Refundable Deposit to hold him. 60 Day Payment plan available.

Updated Photos and weight taken on: 11/7/21

Pairing: Raven Lesser x Orange Dream Pinstripe

Please see my Store Policy for more information.
**Shipping is $65 to the lower 48 states**
Raven Pos OD
Ball Python Baby/Juvenile
Python regius
Orange Dream Raven
13th May 2021
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Fort Worth, Texas United States of America flag

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35.00-65.00 (Domestic)
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֍ Hatchling Shipments
I do not ship out hatchlings that are under 100 grams in weight. It's a personal belief of mine that a healthy, food responsive hatchling has not only had a few meals in them but also has had some good weight added. The only exception I'll allow for a hatchling to ship under 100 grams is if the hatchling has had 10 meals without issues. I will deliver a hatchling under 100 grams locally to anyone in the DFW Metroplex after the hatchling has had 4 meals without issue.

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