Socialized & Proven Sugar Platnium Pastel 4 Gene Breeder Male Ball Python (#619)

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Description. Socialized & Proven Sugar Platnium (Lesser & Het Daddy) Pastel 4 Gene Adult Male Ball Python. He’s super calm & good with being handled. Bright colors & patterns for an amazing looking pet. Roughly 3 feet long and born on 4/12/2018. Well established, weighing 748 grams! We feed him a frozen thawed small rat every 10 days, routinely. He’s housed on ReptiZorb liners with fresh water inside a Freedom Breeder Rack. Room heat is maintained at 89 degrees & humidity ranges from 50-70%. This keeps our snake’s health in excellent condition. Shipping is $70 flat rate nationwide. We ship safely via FedEx Overnight in insulated boxes designed for reptiles. Lucy’s typically ships out Monday-Wednesday for next day arrival Tuesday-Thursday. Questions? Feel free to text or call Lucy’s at (267) 277-3421.
Socialized & Proven Sugar Platnium Pastel 4 Gene Breeder Male
Ball Python Adult
Python regius
Het Daddy Pastel Sugar Lesser
12th April 2018
1 m (total length)
Frozen/Thawed Rat




Bensalem, Pennsylvania United States of America flag

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