Pinstripe Het Tri-Stripe 50% Poss. Het Albino Ball Python (#1255a)

Description. The parents of this ball python were a male Tri-Stripe Het Albino and a female pinstripe. This little boy hatched in 2013 and I have yet to pair tri-stripes with other genes so this combination is still a rarity.
Pinstripe Het Tri-Stripe 50% Poss. Het Albino
Ball Python Adult
Python regius
50% Het Albino Pinstripe 100% Het Tri-stripe
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About Bloodlines By Rich Macias. My name is Rich Macias a private breeder of Ball Pythons morphs. I have maintained and bred many species of reptiles since 1994. During these the past 26 years of working with reptiles, I have acquired a passion for selectively breeding ball python morphs, and I love sharing this passion with fellow reptile enthusiasts! Currently open to trade My Ball Pythons for Visual Western Hognose Morphs, so let me know what you have!

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