Genetic Stripe Hypo-line Blood Python UNLISTED Not For Sale (#2021-BRONG-HYS…)

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Genetic Stripe Hypo-line Blood Python
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Description. Third generation of selective breedings from very red animals by combining hypo and T+ genes resulting in even het and possible Het enhanced red offspring. Both parents have varying levels of genetic striping (VPI) however the level of striping is highly variable in this clutch. Dark rusty color evolves in the first 2-5 years to dark beautiful red saturation. Some of the clutch is a bit feisty but as with past clutches easily settle down with TLC. Full care and post purchase support! Add $25 to any purchase for an autographed copy of my book “A Passionate Journey with Short-Tailed Pythons”. Original feed cards provided with each purchase. Check out my Facebook page under 2021 Offspring for photos of the parents.
Genetic Stripe Hypo-line
Blood Python Baby/Juvenile
Python brongersmai
Genetic Stripe Pos Het Albino (T+) Pos Het Hypo
15th May 2021
Frozen/Thawed Mouse




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Rich grew up observing native fauna and for the last twenty-five years has focused on keeping and breeding a number of non-native species. Throughout this period, Rich continued to engage the public in hands-on education around conservation and captive-care, working with the public to permanently rehome a wide range of herp species ranging from the smallest to the largest animals and providing expertise to local, state and federal authorities when needed. Rich is the author of "A Passionate Journey with Short-Tailed Pythons" selling copies world-wide and achieving #10 Amazon Best Sellers in Reptile & Amphibian Care.