Lot Of 5 Normal Het Granite 66% Het Albino

Burmese Python Baby/Juvenile
Python bivittatus


All are feeding on frozen thawed mice and rats. Will also eat live. ... View more

Lot Of 5 Normal Het Granite 66% Het Albino

Burmese Python Baby/Juvenile
Python bivittatus


Birth: 18th May 2022
Proven: No
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Rat

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Shipping: 100.00-125.00 (Domestic)
Trades: Will Consider

Animal ID: NBPG1
Group ID: Nbpg1
First Posted: 01/27/23
Last Updated: 03/06/23

Burmese Python Clutch: Nbpg1

1 Offspring

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No shipping of burmese pythons toFL or NY per their laws/bans.
We ship Monday through Wednesday priority overnight weather permitting. We guarantee live on arrival. If an animal arrives DOA, we must be notified within an hour and video of unboxing must be provided. The animal will be replaced with one of equal or lesser value or balance can be applied to another available animal.

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We are a husband and wife duo. Long time keepers/breeders. Finally have taken the plunge from hobby to business while still having fun!

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