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Green Tree Pythons are beautiful aboreal snakes which make excellent display animals. Care level is intermediate.

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The scientific name for Green Tree Python is Morelia viridis.

Choosing a Green Tree Python

One of the most important things to understand when purchasing a Green Tree Python (GTP) is where it is coming from. Today it is illegal to collect and export wild GTPs from Papua New Guinea or surrounding areas; however this practice is still common. Animals are often captured in the wild and exported under the premise of being farm bred. It can be difficult for a new buyer to determine establish which is the case. In addition to being illegal, this practice often involves poor treatment of the animals and can result in a pet which cannot thrive or survive under a new keeper's care.

A much better choice for a beginner is to purchase a domestic Captive Born & Bred animal (e.g., USCBB). This means that the animal was produced in your country under a watchful breeder's care. Note that USCBB is not the same as the more general term CBB, which could include Indo CB/CBB. Questions should be asked to establish the origin of the animal, such as who the breeder was, its hatch date and location, and pictures of the parents. While being more expensive, domestic CBB animals are more likely to result in a positive experience and not support a harmful industry.

Here is an article with more information.

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