37.5% Kalatoa Platinum Het Snow Reticulated Python (#M23)

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37.5% Kalatoa Platinum Het Snow Reticulated Python
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Description. Even though this retic does not meet the industry standard for a Super Dwarf (greater or equal to 50%) the 37.5% Kalatoa blood in this retic does have some great advantages. This retic will not stay as small as a quality super dwarf (7-10ft, 10-20lbs), but it defiantly won’t be the size of a mainland (40-100lbs+). We expect this retic to reach 10-14 feet in length which would approximately weigh 20-40lbs. This retic has quality TK line Kalatoa blood but at a fraction of the cost of an actual super dwarf retic with these morphs. This snake is an awesome way to enter the super dwarf snow project at a very low cost, or even have an amazing pet that won’t reach “big retic” sizes. And when paired to a retic 62.5% SD or greater then you will be able to hatch amazing super dwarfs.
37.5% Kalatoa Platinum Het Snow
Reticulated Python Baby/Juvenile
Python reticulatus
Platinum Albino Anerythristic
10th April 2019

Norfolk, Nebraska United States of America flag

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