100% Kalaotoa Superdwarf Reticulated Python (#2020SD7)

100% Kalaotoa Superdwarf Reticulated Python
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Description. 2020 Male 100% Kalaotoa Superdwarf. This pure superdwarf was produced from a Kalaotoa x Kalaotoa breeding with parents at a full grown length of around 7 feet. If you have dreamed about having a reticulated python, but the size and cage requirements are too large, this is the perfect snake for you. This male will stay very small and with proper feeding/care will take years before reaching 5 feet.
100% Kalaotoa Superdwarf
Reticulated Python Baby/Juvenile
Python reticulatus
Super Dwarf
May 2020
Frozen/Thawed Mouse

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