Goldenchild Tiger Het Purple Albino Reticulated Python
(3 available)

Goldenchild Tiger Het Purple Albino Reticulated Python
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Description. Produced from Phantom Goldenchild x Purple Tiger pairing.
Distinctive bold stripes, silver eyes, and a pink hue from the purple gene separate these attractive dark yearling GC Tigers from the rest. Great feeders and easy to handle.

1.2 avail. Male $450 / Females $550 ea. No trades.
Individual pics can be located on the "Available" link of my website at Mystic Reptiles.
Additional clutch info- including pics of parents are on the "Retics" link.
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Goldenchild Tiger Het Purple Albino
Reticulated Python Baby/Juvenile
Python reticulatus
(3 available)
Tiger Golden Child 100% Het Albino (Purple Phase)
5th June 2020
1 m (total length)
Frozen/Thawed Rat




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60.00-90.00 (Domestic)
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