Anerythristic Golden Child 100% Het Purple 25% Super Dwarf Reticulated Python (#HCR-1011-2020)

Anerythristic Golden Child 100% Het Purple 25% Super Dwarf Reticulated Python
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Description. Amazing looking Anery GC 100% Het Purple!

25% Super Dwarf / 6.25% Jamp

He's small for a low percentage SD cross.

Very easy to handle. Good breeder, but not proven yet. Produced by Reach out Reptiles.
Anerythristic Golden Child 100% Het Purple 25% Super Dwarf
Reticulated Python Adult
Python reticulatus
Super Dwarf Anerythristic 100% Het Albino (Purple Phase) Golden Child
Domestically Produced
20th April 2018
2.5 m (total length)
Frozen/Thawed Rat




Los Angeles, California United States of America flag

75.00-200.00 (Domestic)
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About Hell Creek Reptiles. Welcome!

My name is Brian Watkins. I am the owner of Hell Creek Reptiles.

My business specializes in the importation and captive propagation of snakes and lizards. Our main focus is the selective breeding of super dwarf, and mainland reticulated python morphs.

We also sell museum quality fossils collected from the Hell Creek Formation of Montana and South Dakota. We also have suppliers of fossil specimens from around the world.

I've been keeping reptiles since the late 90's and hatched my first clutch of python eggs in 1999. I have a B.S. degree in Zoology and I am a seasoned paleontological field technician and fossil preparator. In 2012, as a geology student and volunteer, I co-discovered one of the oldest known Tyrannosaurids in the world in New Mexico named Dynamoterror dynastes.

Now, what is the Hell Creek?

The Hell Creek is a famous (Cretaceous era) dinosaur fossil bearing rock formation located in several different states just east of the Rocky Mountains, Montana and South Dakota are most famous for it. This is where the fossils of T Rex and Triceratops where first discovered by Barnum Brown in the early 1900's.

The Hell Creek formation is comprised of many different types of fluvial and lucastrine sedimentary rocks. Recording the long extinct ecosystems, It was formed through millions of years of erosion of the Laramide mountains. This mountain range was situated on the west coast of the Western Interior Seaway. Another important feature of the Hell Creek is that it records a catastrophic mass extinction event, when a massive meteor crashed into the earth. Creating the K/Pg boundary. The Hell Creek formation was deposited approximately 66.8 MYA to 65 MYA, when the dinosaurs went extinct.

Our name honors the "Hell Creek" formation and the nightmarish beasts that once roamed the land, air and sea during that time period in our Earth's history.

We hope you join us in our interest and enthusiasm for all things reptile and dinosaur!

~ Hell Creek