100% Het For Albino (Serpentina)

Snapping Turtle Baby/Juvenile

ID: (MM-1272543)

0.0.1 2022 100% het for albino common snapping turtle (serpentina)

Has a curled second half of its tail and irregular carapace scutes - $475 shipped

I have one selected to keep back for myself and simply do not need extras. Unsexed. This *should* trend male, but I really would not bet the farm on that this round, so unsexed is what I am calling it. The tail is properly formed around the vent, which is where things really matter when it comes to breeding. Feeding on pellets, insects I catch, and meaty bits (shrimp, fish, and chicken). I notice response to pellets has been a bit haphazard, but response to small bits of flesh has been relatively consistent. Reptomin has gotten a decent response among the pellets I have tried. I let it spend some days each week outdoors in a shallow pool that has plentiful treefrog tadpoles, Gambusia, and tadpole/bladder snails.
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100% Het For Albino (Serpentina)

Snapping Turtle Baby/Juvenile


Sex: ?
Traits: Albino
Origin: Domestically Produced
Birth: 2022
Proven: No
Diet: Other

Shipping: Please Inquire

Animal ID: (MM-1272543)
First Posted: 10/29/22
Last Renewed: 01/23/23
Last Updated: 01/23/23

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