66% Het Striped Centralian Carpet Python
(8 available)

66% Het Striped Centralian Carpet Python
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Description. NOT AIS LISTED, unlike other carpet pythons that are Morelia spilota, these are Morelia bredli.

10 Hatchlings from 2021 available (Picture is of the first 6 that hatched)
Parents are both 100% Het Genetic Stripe

All eating well, just taking a few more frozen thawed meals then they are ready to go

0.0 (Males.Females)
3.4 Hatched 25 Feb, 1st shed for 6 on 10 March, 1 on 12 March
1.1 Hatched 26 Feb 1st shed on 10 March
0.1 Hatched 28 Feb 1st shed on 10 March

6 left
4 Females R1000ea
2 Male R900ea

Includes Transport/Export Permit Free
66% Het Striped
Centralian Carpet Python Baby/Juvenile
Morelia bredli
(8 available)
66% Het Striped
Domestically Produced
February 2021
Frozen/Thawed Mouse

Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa flag

100.00-500.00 (Domestic)
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Store policy. Payment can be done by cash, EFT or via card, however most card payments will be subject to a 3% charge fee.

Regrettably no snakes booked or placed on hold without the non refundable 20% deposit paid.

Payment plans available, deposit to be paid first to book the snake, then rest to follow on a monthly basis for flexible plan up to 6 months.

Snakes can be fetched directly from me or will be flown with pet lounge or sent with a safe reliable pet courier where possible. WE DO NOT SEND ANIMALS VIA REGULAR COURIER SERVICES

Transport costs at the expense of the buyer and in some cases I may be able to personally drop off as well, at a fee, area dependent.

Also note that the permit offices do not refund, so we cannot refund for the permit cost if sale is cancelled by the buyer after we've applied for it.

In the case of a buyer cancelling after a permit was already issued, the buyer is liable to pay for and organise a transport permit to get the animal back onto our name.

Effective January 15, 2021, MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.
About Creep Factor Pets. Small home based business. Hobbyist snake keeper focused on ball pythons, centralian carpet pythons, western hog-nosed snakes and children's pythons as well as some venomous.

Focused solely on the animals and in it for the love and passion.

Future breeding planned.