First Produced By: JMG Reptile

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First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Average

Last Updated: 2022-02-08

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It was also once believed that Zero was an incomplete dominant gene, with a super form that looks exactly like a patternless. [1]

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Lethal Combo

January 4th, 2009: After years of test breeding Zero Fat Tails we have found that the Zero mutation is lethal when crossed with the albino. There are no complications with the actual Zero morph, but when crossed into the albino the offspring usually die in the egg and the cross also results in severely deformed and extremely weak babies. Unfortunately, the Zero Albino Fat Tail will not be able to be created due to the lethal incompatibility with the two recessive traits. [3]


JMG: JMG Reptile is proud to announce a new fat tail gecko morph – the Zero! We have proven the lack of banding, which the gecko is named after, to be a genetic trait. The genetic link to the zero banding pattern makes this a new line of fat tail, developed in house! [2]

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Zero is recognisable by its connected banding and dorsal stripe.


It was once believed that Stingers & Zeros were different morphs but it was later realized they were one & the same.

The only difference between them is that a Zero is striped.

Proven Lines

Zero is a striped variant of Stinger and through breeding trials have proven to be the same.

Stinger, Stripe

Related Traits

October 15th, 2010: We have proved that the Caramel Fat Tail morph is compatible with the Zero Fat Tail morph. [4]


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