Aliases: Coral Glow, Whitesmoke

Issues: Sex Linked

First Produced In: 2003 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-08-06

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The Banana ball python is not only one of the most well known morphs in the reptile hobby, it is one that has intrigued breeders for many years with its complex breeding ratios regarding offspring’s sex.

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Gene resides on a sex chromosome.

  • The gene has not been definitively located, however based on Warren Booth’s work and the heritability pattern, it does appear that the gene is primarily located on the X chromosome (except when it “jumps” to the Y chromosome). [2]
  • In practice, this leads to the following outcome when breeding Banana ball pythons:
  • Females produce an equal sex ratio.
  • Male Bananas produced by a female Banana are Female Makers.
  • Male Bananas produced by a male Banana are Male Makers.
  • If you have a Male Maker all Bananas and combos will be males while the rest of the clutch (non-Banana offspring) will be females.
  • If you have a Female Maker all Bananas and combos will be females while the rest of the clutch (non-Banana offspring) will be males.
  • However, without further test breeding, a Banana ball python can not be confirmed “female/male maker” as there are exceptions where you may produce a male from a female maker or a female from a male maker. Data made public averages this to occur around 3% of the time.


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The head of a Banana ball python is usually a light tanned orange crowned by faded colouration and a slight headstamp, if any. Asymmetrical spotting is a good marker from a Banana clutch.


The body of the Banana ball python continues to show spotting completely randomly over the yellows, oranges and deep-lilacs of the Banana colouration. “Alien heads” are still displayed as with a Normal Ball Python with bright blushing between.


The belly of the Banana ball python is usually heavily patterned along its edges and a crisp, faded yellow down its center. Spotting can also be thick or absent along its belly.


The tail of the Banana ball python follows the Banana’s colouration along the usual thick dorsal stripe of the Normal’s pattern.



Banana ball pythons exhibit random spotting, which can range from patches of individual scales to whole clusters of black pigmentation. Spotting tends to stick to the dark “puzzle” pattern between “alien heads”, though a few display them throughout the entire body.

Proven Lines

Coral Glow

  • First Produced By: NERD (1210)
  • First Produced In: 2002

Vida Preciosa International named the original imported Coral Glow “Whitesmoke”. When New England Reptile Distributors purchased it they changed the name to Coral Glow.

Related Traits

No known related traits.


  • Banana Bee (Banana Spider)
  • Rainbow Banana (Banana Pastel Pinstripe Spider)

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