Aliases: Micro

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Average

Last Updated: 2021-10-27

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The Microscale is a colour and pattern mutation, co-dominant gene with the super form being scaleless making this an awesome powerhouse snake! It also influences all Royals in a completely different way showing that in itself it is a gene which causes pattern and colour mutations. The Microscale gene has so much potential is still pretty much untouched! There is so much to discover with this gene and the way it influences other genes not only in its co-dominant form but also in its Super form.


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The Microscale Ball Pythons head can range from missing a few scales to the whole crown being absent and a bald patch under their chin. Scales are usually smaller in size than a Normal. Colouration and markings are usually consistent with that of a Normal Ball Python.


The body of the Microscale Ball Python follows the same pattern and colouration of a Normal Ball Python.


The belly of the Microscale Ball Python differs depending g upon the line you are working with. Where most have very little markings on their bellys, the LABP Line (Zip-Belly) displays a line of scales missing down the belly causing a zip look affect.

The funky zip belly is a trait of only the LABPs Micro’s and something no other Ball Python has, including the BHB & WHS lines of Scaleless, so is something very exciting and still remains to be seen wether it influences anything else!


The tail of the Microscale Ball Python follows the same pattern and colouration of a Normal Ball Python. Though scale count near the cloaca has been noted, it is yet unconfirmed if this is a genetic trait with all scaleless Ball Pythons.

Proven Lines

Living Art Ball Python’s Line (Zip-Belly)

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