First Produced By: Exotics by Nature Co.

First Produced In: 2011 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2021-12-03

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The Puzzle Ball Python, first discovered by Exotics by Nature in 2011, is a colour and pattern altering morph which creates bright, serrated side patterns.

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In 2003, Sean Bradley was looking for a super pastel male which he eventually bought from Greg Graziani. In 2005/2006, a customer purchased 1.1 pastel offspring. In 2008, the customer hatched their first clutch and said some of them came out weird. When Sean eventually got to see them, he was quite surprised to see the first pastel puzzles. In 2009, Sean did some breeding trials and concluded the puzzle gene did not originate from the Graziani animal, thus had to be from the “normal” female he was bred to. In 2010, the original customer needed to sell his collection and sold them back to Sean. In 2011, Sean finally produced the first single morph puzzle, without a doubt proving this morph to be its own recessive morph and not tied to the pastel morph.

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The Puzzle Ball Python’s head closely resembles the head of a Normal Ball Python but with a deeper tone to the colours.


The Puzzle Ball Python have serrated “alien heads” up their sides. The pigmentation is an earthy green/yellow.


The tail of the Puzzle Ball Python usually ends with a thick stripe or beading of pattern like a Normal Ball Python, but with the crazy patterning down the sides that is displayed through the rest of the animal.

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  • Buzz (Pastel Spider Puzzle)

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