First Produced By: Bobs balls - Bob Vu

First Produced In: 2018

Availability: Lower

Last Updated: 2023-01-09

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Bob Vu: “Compared to other “similar” genes like nanny the combos looks much different. The clown is much more extreme and the Lucy complex combos all look different”

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The original Vudoo male was imported into the US through Outback Reptiles.

Bob Vu of Bobs Balls acquired in a group of imports from Outback in 2017, which included a odd Granite-like animal that Bob named Vudoo.

Bob first reproduced the Vudoo by in 2018.

Bob originally believed that Vudoo would prove out to be a part of the Blue Eyed Leucistic complex and paired the male Vudoo to a female Lesser.

After that clutch pipped it became apparent that it was not part of the Blue Eyed Leucistic complex, which was again confirmed with a pairing to a Mojave female the year after.

Bobs goal then became to work out if it was part of any other complexes. A Vudoo x Yellowbelly pairing showed it was not part of the Super Stripe complex and a Vudoo x Fire pairing proved it was not in the Black Eyed Leucistic complex either.

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The Vudoo Ball Python has a dark Granite type appearance.




Vudoos usually display a striped tail pattern.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines

Related Traits

Granite Suspected

Pixel Suspected
Bob and Justin both picked up Granite-type animals from Outback Reptiles around the same time period. There is a chance that both of these animals have a related ancestry.

Hetari Suspected


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