First Produced By: Sandfire Dragon Ranch

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2021-12-08

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Dunner is a dominant gene that popped out and was propagated by Kevin Dunne of Dragons Den Herperoculture. Dunner has nothing to do with color or pattern and everything to do with scale shape and arrangement on the animal. The raised scales are more conical in shape and the rest of the scales do not lay flat in one direction on the animal. Scales are haphazardly arranged especially on the stomach. The scale shape and arrangement causes the pattern to express differently in these animals, but you can have a patternless (zero/witblits) dunner. [1]

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The Dunner mutation first popped out at Sandfire Dragon Ranch and was selected out by Kevin Dunne for a breeding project.

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Dunner’s beard scales tend to be completely non-uniform in direction.


Dunner affects the shape of the scales, size of the scales and how they lay on the animal throughout the body. Limb scales tend be be non-uniform and don’t follow the armour-like layout of a Normal.


The belly of Dunner is usually full of swirls and mismatched patterning.


Dunners’ tails don’t have striping. They usually display spotting/blotching in a random pattern that fades with age.


Dunners do not have larger feet or larger tail base than any other dragon. Early on, they did have massively crooked long toes that was just chalked up to the morph itself, however with outcrossing and selective breeding, it was determined a defect.

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