Aliases: Trans

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2021-12-07

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Translucents have a lack of white pigment. The animals appear “gummy” and more intensely colored. As babies, their bellies appear blue, and sometimes above their eyes will also have a blue tint. The eyes are not an indication of being a Translucent. Eyes can be normal or black. There is no such thing as partial Trans. The animal is either Translucent or not. [1]

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Translucent Bearded Dragons can have solid black eyes and beard scales can appear see through.


Translucent usually display brighter coloration throughout their body. Side spikes tend to be clear.


Translucent Bearded Dragons have a see through belly which changes to a blue hue.


The tail expresses the same colouration as the rest of the body.

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