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Last Updated: 2021-12-01

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These boas like most Central American boas are true Dwarves. The Blood Boas max out at around 5 feet and have been bred at around 4 feet in length. [1]

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The First Blood Boas originated from a RED Boa that was found in El Salvador and owned by Ron St. Pierre. [2]

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They are very unique in head structure also. The Head is blunt and the eyes are dark. [3]


The body of the Blood Boa exhibits a colouration of deep oranges and reds.

As youngsters they are literally Blood Red – As Adults they tend to get darker burnt orange but still exhibit that blood red back ground color.[4]


The tail follows the same colouration as the rest of the body.

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  • Bloody Ghost (Hypo Anerythristic (Type 2) Blood)
  • Pewter (Anerythristic (Type 2) Blood)
  • Red Dragon (Blood Albino (Kahl))
  • Sun Dragon (Hypo Albino (Kahl) Blood)

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