First Produced By: Kurt Walker

Issues: Photophobia

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-04-18

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Albino is a recessive mutation.

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While the word photophobia literally translates to a "fear of light”. Its not actually that you are scared of light, but instead, are incredibly sensitive to it. Animals with albinism experience photophobia due to the lack of pigment in the iris, which does not allow the eyes to filter out light.


This project is still in the early days. It’s being worked on by Kurt Walker in Australia.
It looks like it’s a recessive gene. The two he currently has came from an F1 het pairing, both small clutches of 7 and one albino in each clutch. [1]

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Albinos have pinky red eyes.


The Albino Carpet Python has a lack of dark pigmentation creating an animal that is covered in vibrant yellows and oranges. Oranges usually fade with age, leaving a bright yellow and white snake.

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  • Snow (Albino Axanthic)
  • Sun Glow (Caramel Albino)

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