First Produced By: Joe Pierce

Aliases: Hypo C, Trans Hypo

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 1994

Availability: Lower

Last Updated: 2021-11-22

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Lava is a recessive mutation founded by Joe Pierce in 1994.

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Joe Pierce purchased some Okeetee corn snakes that were produced from wild caught corns from Jasper County, South Carolina from Gordon Schuett. When bred together, they produced hypo-like babies that proved incompatible with the existing hypo gene mutations.

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The head of a lava corn can have the typical corn snake head pattern of a V-shape behind the eyes and a wide band across the nose. The color will usually be deep orange with red, with low contrast, and it may be paler than the body. Babies may have higher contrast with gray in the background color, but often gain color saturation and lose contrast as they age. The eyes of a lava corn are typically dark red or orange with a deep ruby pupil. Some examples may have darker pupils that are nearly black.


Lava is a hypomelanistic gene mutation, meaning that it reduces the quality of black present in the snake. Most lavas are primarily red, with some orange present. The saddles will be darker than the background color, with gray, light purple, or sometimes light brown borders. Most lavas will be fairly low contrast as adults. The sides of the snake typically fade towards the belly, and have some white mixed into the orange.


The belly of a lava corn has typical belly checker placement, but the checkers will usually be gray, with a purple tint. Some orange or red may be present in the checkers as well.


The tail of lava corns follows the color and pattern of the body.

Proven Lines

Landrace Lavas are a line created by Joe Pierce. They typically have deep red saturation and very low contrast.

Related Traits

No known related traits


  • Diamond (Charcoal Lava)
  • Diffused Ice (Anerythristic Diffused Lava)
  • Etna (Amelanistic Diffused Lava Sunkissed)
  • Ice (Anerythristic Lava)
  • Ice Ghost (Anerythristic Lava)
  • Lavalanche (Amelanistic Anerythristic Diffused Lava)
  • Lavamelanistic (Amelanistic Lava)
  • Persimmon (Kastanie Lava)
  • Topaz (Caramel Lava)

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