First Produced By: Charles Pritzel

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First Produced In: Unknown

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Last Updated: 2022-02-11

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Masque is primarily a pattern mutation, but can also have a slight hypo-like effect.

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Masque is an incomplete dominant mutation that used to be associated with Diffused or Bloodred corns. It was theorized that the typical head and belly pattern of Masque was a het marker for Diffused. Breeding trials determined that Masque is its own gene mutation, and not a het marker. It can be combined with any morph, but is most frequently combined with Red Factor and Diffused to create the Bloodred morph.

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The head of a Masque corn is one of the key features that defines it as a Masque. The head pattern will be reduced and often have a grayish background color. The pattern on the head is often described as ‘bald’. Another common head pattern on Masque corns looks like a skull. In the homozygous form of Masque (Super Masque), the head pattern will be further reduced, occasionally having almost no pattern at all.


The body pattern of a Masque corn will resemble a normal corn, but the colors may be slightly brighter or lighter due to Masque’s hypo-like effect.


The belly of a Masque corn is the other key indicator that Masque is present. Masque causes the belly checkers to be split (up against the sides of the belly and not meeting in the middle). Since Masque is an incomplete dominant trait, the homozygous form (Super Masque) will cause extremely split belly checkers, often leaving just a tiny edge at the sides of the belly. Super Masques can be difficult to distinguish from Diffused.


The tail of a Masque corn looks like a normal corn.

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