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Last Updated: 2022-04-08

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The Strawberry gene has recently been proven allelic to hypo. While superficially similar to hypo, they tend to have a more ‘contrasty’ look with brighter reds as this trait apparently does not affect the reds, or may even increase them. Since Strawberries have been masquerading around as hypos for decades, large numbers of them exists and may form the basis for a bunch of pinkish colored lines of various morphs. Already, some lines of Coral Snows have been proven to be “Strawberry Snows”. [1]

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Strawberry reduces the brown coloration throughout the body, leaving contrasting shades of red and oranges.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines

Related Traits

Hypomelanistic, Christmas

Being allelic to hypo, we have a situation similar to that of Ultra and Amel, in which specimens carrying one mutated allele of each type at this locus take on an intermediate appearance between the two ‘pure’ types. [2]


  • Christmas/strawberry (100% Het Christmas 100% Het Strawberry)
  • Hypo Berry (Hypo Strawberry)
  • Hypo Strawberry (100% Het Hypo 100% Het Strawberry)
  • Hypoberry (Hypo Strawberry)

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