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First Produced In: At least 1995

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2022-11-21

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This is one of the first morphs recognized in crested geckos that was different from the initial wild collected animals. As stated in The Rhacodactylus, “we did not find a single representative of the ‘fire’ morph in the wild… The first wild-collected ‘fire’ pattered crested geckos appeared on the U.S. market in late 1995.”. [1]

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Flame crested geckos will have a base colour with a lighter colour along the dorsal. Flames will show little to no pattern on their laterals or limbs. [2]

Flames display one base color and one color on the dorsum. The dorsum strip is broken by the base color. [3]

The morph is defined by pattern color on the dorsum and subtle patterning color on the limbs and laterals. The pattern color ranges from white to orange with intermediate colors. [4]

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