Aliases: Isle K

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First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Lower

Last Updated: 2022-01-12

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Geckos from the Isle of Caanawa are a large robust gecko with thick legs and trunk.[1]

This is one of the most variable insular species [^3]

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Animals from this locale can almost have a hypnotic appearance, and can change color quite rapidly. They commonly display dark brown backgrounds with fuzzy-edged markings. The blotching can vary from white to purple with heavy peppering. [^2]

They are known for changing color quickly. They usually have a dark brown base-color, with their patterning exhibiting furry edges.

Patterning colors range from a whites to a purple and they show heavy speckling.

Many examples of this locale show very high color.

Their main characteristics are they are large and solid with a heavy trunk and thick legs. [^4]

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