First Produced By: Prehistoric Pets

Aliases: BZ

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 1995

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-02-14

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The Blizzard morph, discovered by Prehistoric Pets in 1995, is very similar to the Murphy Patternless morph. Like the Murphy Patternless morph, the Blizzard morph is a simple recessive morph. As hatchlings, Blizzards are completely patternless and their colors will vary from white, to yellow, to a deep purple. As they grow older, most change within the color scale mentioned previously. The darker Blizzards are usually marketed as Midnight Blizzards, but there seems to be nothing which controls the dark pigments. The more yellow Blizzards are often marketed as Banana Blizzards, but a true Banana Blizzard is a Murphy Patternless Blizzard. Another trait which seems to randomly pop up with Blizzards is Snake Eyes or solid eyes. As of right now, there is nothing genetic behind the Snake Eyes or Eclipse Eyes in Blizzards. Most people have them randomly pop up. [1]

Completely patternless, with only faint traces of yellow coloration remaining, these are quite possibly true leucistic Leopard Geckos. A high-yellow variant is often referred to as ‘Banana’, although this term is more properly applied to specimens double homozygous for Murphy Patternless and Blizzard. Another simple recessive genetic trait. [2]

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characteristically have normal leo eyes that are black to blue-black.
Blizzard is a patternless mutation that hatches patternless, often with a dark colored head and remains patternless into adulthood.


Blizzard leopard geckos lack spots, banding, and pattern.

Due to incubation temperatures there can be a lot of variation in the coloration of the body from mostly white to yellowish to brownish and more rarely to pale blue black.

Most blizzards have light yellow pigmentation throughout the body.


The belly expresses the same lack of pattern.


The tail expresses the same lack of pattern.

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  • Banana Blizzard (Blizzard Murphy Patternless)
  • Bell Blazing Blizard (Albino (Bell) Blizzard)
  • Blazing Blizard (Albino (Tremper) Blizzard)
  • Diablo Blanco (Albino (Tremper) Blizzard Eclipse)
  • Rainwater Blazing Blizard (Albino (Rainwater) Blizzard)
  • Sunrise (Albino (Tremper) Blizzard Tangerine)
  • Sunset (Blizzard Tangerine)
  • Tremper Blazing Blizard (Albino (Tremper) Blizzard)
  • White Knight (Albino (Bell) Blizzard Eclipse)

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