G Project

Aliases: Gatoraid Project

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 2006

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2022-05-05

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Per Matt Baronak’s SaSobek Reptiles Facebook page
“The “G Project” actually started back in 2006. At first, it started with the quest to make “greener” looking leopard geckos. The project started with some Jungle Giants, Red Stripes, and some bi-products of Eclipse and Raptors. I noticed that some geckos had a green hue to them and I started selecting out these geckos. I must admit that the idea did come from the Emerines, I …saw them before they were publicly released. When the Emerines were released in 2007 I bought a pair and added them to the project. From that point the project started to take many forms.

To this day, “The G Project” is melting pot of many projects. So in a way, calling it a “G Project” gecko is actually a generic term that I use to signify that a gecko is from a line that I work with. “G Project” geckos come in many forms and I am constantly changing what I am looking for from them. As of now there are about 6 different lines of “G Projects” that I am working on. What started out as a quest to get a green looking gecko has actually given life to a multitude of projects within a project. I know this sounds crazy, but, welcome to my world- hahahah

This is an example of what I was looking for when I started. A lot of people think the “G” stands for Green, but actually, it doesn’t. The meaning of the G, is one of the secretes of dreamland that I will keep to my self."

G Project was named after Gatoraid because of all the different “flovors” or looks because the High variability from animals from the line.[1]

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G Projects have normal pattern with more orange coloration.


G Project geckos have a “Patternless stripe” pattern but can also be striped, reverse stripe and Jungles. Should never be banded.




High percentage of carrot tail from red stripe line.

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  • Clown (G Project Electric)

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