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First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2021-12-07

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Tangerine is a linebred trait.

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The head of a Tangerine has a orange colouration.


A Tangerine Leopard Gecko has a “tangerine” or orange colouration throughout the body.


The tail patterning can follow the same colouration.

Proven Lines

Afghan Tangerine, Atomic, Blood, Electric, Inferno, Nieves line, Purple Head, Tangerine Tornado - TUG, Torrid, Gourmet Rodent line, Hot Gecko line, Plasma, Burning Blood, Mandarin/Gecko Genetics line [1]

Related Traits

No known related traits


  • SHT (Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • SHTCT (Carrot Tail Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • SHTCTB (Baldy Carrot Tail Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • Creamsicle (Snow (Mack) Carrot Tail Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • Firewater (Albino (Rainwater) Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • Phantom (Snow (Tug) Albino (Tremper) Carrot Tail Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • Snow Glow (Snow (Mack) Albino (Tremper) Carrot Tail Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • Snowglow (Snow (Mack) Albino (Tremper) Carrot Tail Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • Sun Glow (Albino (Tremper) Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • Sunglow (Albino (Tremper) Super Hypo Tangerine)
  • Sunrise (Albino (Tremper) Blizzard Tangerine)
  • Sunset (Blizzard Tangerine)
  • Tangelo (Albino (Tremper) Tangerine)

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