Aliases: True Ghost

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First Produced In: Unknown

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Last Updated: 2021-12-09

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Ghosts or Hypo Ghosts belong to the “old school” color morphs. They have extremly faded colors and greatly reduced dark pigmentation. This morph will show its true colors after they reach a size of 5 to 6 inches. Pure Ghosts are hard to recognize as hatchlings. However, for the experienced breeder, Mack Snow Ghost hatchlings can be easily seperated from their normal Mack Snow clutchmates due to their lighter dark brown or dark violet coloration that develops into a “coffee and cream” contrast within the next sheds.

There were, and currently still are, many hypos (or also pastel colored geckos with faded colours) that are sold or misinterpreted as “Ghosts”. However, such animals will not reproduce in the typical way of a genetic Ghost, which will become easily noticeable when trying to reproduce them or to cross them into other projects. As a consequence (just like in W&Y), choosing the breeder wisely and checking their “history” and results of the past generations in breeding Ghosts is essential for anyone insterested in finding genetic Ghosts.

The original, genetic Ghost-line is said to be either created by Ray Hine or Alex Hue (exact data are unfortunately missing). The Ghosts popped up in one of their Hypo-lines, and Alex Hue bred and sold them for many years. [1]

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In 2005, Ron Tremper described the Ghost as a “result of genetics” (p.159), and many breeders in the US and Europe who work with them for years share his findings. The Ghost is for sure a class of its own.

Due to the fact that the Ghost gene has dissappeared from almost all breeding stock worldwide due to the appearance of several new color mutations, such as the “Raptor” at that time, there are not even a handful of breeders that are still working with a true genetic Ghost line. [2]

To date, there is unfortunately no verified information available on the exact origin of the ghosts. Some people believe that the very first Ghosts emerged in Ray Hines breeding stock at a time when he was predominantly working with the hypo morph in his breeding program. Others say they popped up in Alex Hue’s Hypo project. They definitely became popular by Alex Hue from AlexHueReptiles in the US, probably around the early or mid 90’s.

When Alex began to sell his Ghosts to other breeders, they were used to cross into other projects, but soon got off many people’s priority list when newer mutations such as the “Raptor” conquered and excited the market.

In the years that followed, they became almost forgotten — but suddenly returned with a bang in the gecko community when the very first amazing Mack Snow Ghost Jungles hatched out in ArtlinksGecko’s breeding stock in Sweden, Europe 2007. [3]

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True Ghosts never show the typical bright yellowish coloration present in hypos. Instead, most Ghosts & Ghost-Combos develop green shades that range from a very light hue over sea-green to a deep “military green”. True Ghosts also lighten up and their color fades – in comparison to most young hypos which get more brilliant and deeper in color each shed. [4]

Stronger than in any other trait, Ghosts can change their colors from “ultra-light” to “smoke dark” (some animals almost look as if they were covered in black ash) depending on temperature, time of the year, and also current mood. [5]

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