High Yellow

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Last Updated: 2022-02-14

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A High Yellow Leopard Gecko shows a vast amount of yellow on its body with reduced black spotting. When Leopard Geckos were first introduced into the United States, the only morphs available were Normals and High Yellows.

Genetically speaking, High Yellows are a line bred trait. [1]

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This was the first of the so-called ‘designer’ morphs of Leopard Gecko. It is nothing more than a normal Leopard Gecko that has been selected for reduced black spotting and lots of yellow pigment. High Yellow specimens can be found frequently in almost any breeding of Leopard Geckos. They are representative of one extreme of the naturally occurring variation found in captive populations. Specimens cannot be het for High Yellow. [2]

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The head follows the same colouration as the rest of the body.


The body of a High Yellow Leopard Gecko displays a bright yellow body coloration with bold black patterning.


The tail follows the same colouration as the rest of the body.

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